100th Show Marks 3 Years of Madness Radio!

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5 Years of Madness Radio

That’s right, Madness Radio got started in winter of 2005, with the launch of WXOJ-LP, Valley Free Radio in Northampton MA. When I found out about low-power FM radio licenses offered by the FCC, and joined forces with local activist and ham radio operator Ed Russell to get Valley Free Radio started, I only had a dim idea that I’d end up hosting a show. Madness Radio went on the air the first week VFR went live, and since then it’s broadcast non-stop every week for 3 years. Along the way we got syndicated in Alaska and joined the Pacifica Network, so today thousands of people listen to Madness Radio every week.

As if this weren’t enough, astonishingly, while developing the new website and moving all the files over, I realized that Madness Radio just recorded its 100th show!


A hundred freaking shows!

But wait, you ask — three years, broadcast every week — where are the missing shows?

Some shows sadly did not get recorded, and some weeks we re-broadcast choice selections from our Archives so I can have a break and can catch my breath, dive down into some mad netherworld, or just be lazy. Without any budget or salary, it’s up to inspiration to get things moving.

“Hey Will, congratulations on 3 years and 100 shows, that’s great, we love Madness Radio, so what can we do?”

SHURE-SM58-LCEI’m glad you asked, I was just thinking that.

Head over to the Get Involved page for an enticing list of possibilities. Talk to your local community station; send money; suggest show topics, send me some email… there’s plenty of ways to get involved.

Thanks to all the great guests over the years. It’s been a rare privilege to be able to call people up out of the blue and have a deep conversation about their experiences and work. Looking forward to more to come.

— Will Hall

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